Alec Irwin

Captain McCormick

Alec Irwin is a student at San Diego State University, majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Electro-Acoustic Music. His performing credits include Ed Carmichael in You Can't Take it With You, Rapunzel's Prince in Into The Woods, and Enjolras in Les Miserables. He has also written a variety of original music, including the production "This Too" which debuted at the Del Oro High School Performing Arts Center in 2015. He also served four years in the United States Navy (2016 to 2020) and was largely inspired by his experiences in the military while writing Extrastellar.

Cat Rojo


Cat Rojo is a theatre performance major at San Diego State University with minors in both electro-acoustic music and Spanish. She received training at the Professional School For The Arts in voice, acting, and musical theatre dance before and throughout her time at SDSU. She has had the pleasure of playing roles including Dragon in Shrek: The Musical and Fastrada in Pippin. She is beyond thankful for the opportunity to collaborate and create in-person once again and has had a wonderful time working on Alec's musical. She hopes you all enjoy the show!

Gabriel De Guzman

Private Peterson

Sound Design, Orchestration and Assistant Editor

Graham Sanders

Sound Design, Orchestration and Assistant Editor

Graham Sanders is a San Diego based Composer & Sound Designer creating immersive sound experiences and genre-bending music. He is interested in emerging media formats and new ways of presenting media. He is currently studying under Dr. Chris Warren & Dr. Joseph Waters at San Diego State University.

Full Credits


Captain McCormick - Alec Irwin

Lieutenant Masters - Julian Tobar

Kiata - Cat Rojo

The Argalian Leader - Alan Elena

Privates - Gabe De Guzman and Andrew Hendrix

Narration - Simone Low -


Created, Directed and Produced by Alec Irwin

Orchestration by Gabe De Guzman, Graham Sanders and Andrew Hendrix

Sound Design by Alec Irwin, Graham Sanders and Gabe De Guzman

Lead Editor - Taylor Allgeier-Follett

Assistant Editors - Gabe De Guzman, Graham Sanders and Andrew Hendrix

Visual Artwork

Agnieszka Chorabik

Instagram: sleazyjanet

Twitter: thegoodagni