Extrastellar: The Radio-Musical Experience

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What is Extrastellar about?


Extrastellar takes place in the year 2596. Routine space travel was commercialized centuries ago, and though it is not exactly cheap it's also completely unremarkable. Perhaps comparable to intercontinental travel today, a journey to another planet is the sort of thing gifted to a recent graduate, done as an annual family vacation, or undertaken regularly by the wealthy in private spacecraft as a sign of status.

Earth's collective Space Force, representing the United Nations (a body unrecognizable when compared to the United Nations of today) is always looking to expand its reach. UNSF planetary evaluation craft like the Xenot 6 are tasked with landing on planets with potential as Earth colonies, taking scientific measurements and running tests, and returning to Earth with their results.

The Journey of the Xenot 6:

Extrastellar is a Radio-Musical which follows a fateful journey of the planetary evaluation vessel Xenot 6 through the memories of the ship's Captain, Darius McCormick. The audience first hears from Captain McCormick during testimony before a court-martial regarding the events of the Xenot 6's most recent mission.

Through the lens of McCormick's memories we follow the Xenot 6 to planet A-762 (or as its inhabitants call it, Argalos.) What was meant to be a routine evaluation mission quickly became something much more than the Captain, the crew, or the planet's inhabitants ever expected.

What happened during the Xenot 6's mission to Argalos? Come to the debut of Extrastellar, December 12th at 5 PM at the Aztec Student Union Theater to find out!

What is a Radio-Musical?

We are calling Extrastellar a Radio-Musical, as it is a musical modeled after the Radio-Drama genre which gained immense popularity with the advent of radio, and lost it with the rise in popularity of television. Like Extrastellar, the Radio-Drama consisted of a story told entirely with sound and no live visual component. The visual component was left to the listener's imagination. Extrastellar follows in this tradition of diegetic audio as a means of telling the story, with added music and orchestration.

How long is Extrastellar?

Extrastellar is approximately one hour long.

What's Extrastellar based on?

Extrastellar is an original work created by Alec Irwin. The characters, story and music are all original. He wrote it over the course of several years (and many revisions) before finally settling on the version debuting at the Aztec Student Union Theater on 12 DEC 2021.

Do I have to make a donation in order to attend the debut on December 12th?

Absolutely not! Admissions are completely free, and you have no obligation to donate to the Aztecs Rock Hunger campaign. However if you have the means and would have paid for a ticket, your donations are welcomed. They are directly benefiting the cause of fighting food insecurity on campus at SDSU, and are greatly appreciated by us!

You can donate to Aztecs Rock Hunger here! https://www.fooddriveonline.org/sandiegofoodbank/index.php?s=AztecsRockHunger

Please use "Extrastellar" as your organization when donating!

What's parking like at the Aztec Student Union Theater?

There are many parking structures at SDSU. It is probably easiest to park in "Parking 1" and walk across the bridge to the Student Union, labeled on this map as "Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union." The theater is located on the second floor of the Student Union complex.


If parking in "Parking 1," according to the map:

Visitors can park & pay by using paybyphone.com or by calling PayByPhone at 800-515-7275

Location #


How was Extrastellar produced?

The story and music for Extrastellar were written by Alec Irwin between 2015 and 2020, and was edited by Taylor Allgeier-Follet in 2020. Extrastellar was orchestrated, recorded and produced at San Diego State University in the Fall of 2021. Though largely produced by students at San Diego State University, many outside SDSU also helped. All cast and crew are credited here.

Where is the Aztec Union Theater?

You can find a map of the SDSU campus here,

Map of SDSU Campus: https://map.concept3d.com/?id=801#!ce/16223?ct/50935,40419,40418,20161,15205,48503,54894

You can find a map of the Aztec Student Union here,

Map of the Aztec Student Union: https://as.sdsu.edu/union/pdfs/UnionFloorPlans.pdf

Can I listen to it online instead?

Yes! Extrastellar will be available for listening online at 5 PM on December 12th, 2021 (the same time as the performance). Check here for a link!